Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Why the mothers hate me

So we have ad sales for the back of the yearbook for 4 weeks in the spring - 7am -5pm. Then in the fall we do it for 3 more weeks during the school day. Ad sales ended Friday.

Today is Tuesday.
"Hi, I need to know when I can bring in photos to do my ad."
I reply, "I'm sorry. Ad sales ended Friday."
"I know that, but I have cancer and I wasn't able to leave the house."
I reply, "I am so sorry, but we did ad sales last spring for over a month and then the last 3 weeks."
"I've had cancer for two years."
I reply, "I am so sorry but I can put you on the waiting list."
"I would have thought I'd get some special consideration because of my situation."
I reply, "I understand your situation, but everyone who misses the deadline has a reason. I can put you on the wait list."

And if you had dealt with the number of people that have cancer, brain tumors and dead husbands 3 days after the deadline, you'd be heartless too.

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