Thursday, January 24, 2008

I'm so frustrated I could cry

I took my laptop to school so that Chuck could clean some of the stuff off of start up. I got home and now I can get on mionet which if you didn't know is how I access all of my work for the real estate book. I've been trying to text Chuck and he keeps responding to just start the program. I just want to beat him over the head if I could just "start it" I would just START IT Auuggghhh

I don't have enough time left to lose a night to getting nothing done. I really want to just cry.

Last night I got a migraine at about 8. I actually didn't imagine it could be a migraine, by nine when I went to bed I was worried. I took two pills, and then laid in the bed trying to decide if bawling like a baby or a gun to the head would do more good. Probably why I don't own a gun . . .

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