Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I've cheated, and I'm ok with it.

The thing about girls with long hair is that we usually have issues. Hair = security blanket. That being the case, we may not get our hair cut often, but we are true to our hairdressers. I have many examples of haircuts gone awry. Trust me when I tell you that I may have commitment issues in dating, but not in my allegiance to my hairdresser.

However, I have reached the end of my allegiance. There. I said it. I met Todd years ago. Really I can’t even remember how long ago, but it has to be at least 6 years. He was at Orange in Deep Ellum. It was a total pain in the ass to park, but he did a fantastic job, and it was worth it.

About a year ago he moved to California. He was flying back every six weeks to cut hair. It was a total pain in the ass. He only took cash, and with a couple of days notice I would have to mange to fit a hair apt in my schedule. He was cutting hair basically in a hotel room. The last cut wasn’t great. And the price had gone up when he was at a salon, but it never went down when he was just cutting my hair from a room and not even getting it dry. Trust me when I tell you, my haircuts take 20 minutes, the blow dry takes 40.

Then he came back to Dallas. After not getting my hair cut for a really long time, I was going to do it. So I texted him. He told me he could come to me…the lighting in my abode isn’t that great, and I sure as shit was not going to sit outside in the blazing heat for a haircut. So he says he’s not at a salon. Then the next day he gives me an address. Ok. Great. Then he says cash please.

And that was when I knew I was done. I love my hair, but I don’t do diddly with it. And getting a haircut should not be this big of a pain in the derriere. Seriously. Not kidding.

In the meantime, my friend PR kept trying to get me to go to her guy, but he is very busy, and I’m more of a last minute kind of gal.

Then my friend Daisy gave me someone’s name. BAM. I had an appointment. AND it was at a place at the bottom of the lake BAM convenient. Got my haircut.I wish this photo really showed the 4 hairbrushes hanging in my hair and how poofed out it was on the one side. 

BUT by the end my friends, by the end, it looks good. She did exactly what I asked, and gave me a great haircut. Without being a pain. And she took credit cards. AND it was way less expensive. 

So, I have cheated, and I have no regrets. There. Now, if you see me anytime soon, be sure to tell me how great my hair looks ; ) 

I'm not sure you can tell by the second picture, but it looks quite delightful. 

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