Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My house, the deadzone

So I can’t remember if I have mentioned this already, but when I was searching for a new home and contemplating potential, location, size etc It never occurred to me to pick up my phone and check cellular reception quality. Turns out I really should have. This house is a deadzone.

99% of the time, no reception in the house whatsoever. I mean no cell signal, or even worse, one bar, so the phone will ring...but then the other person can't hear me, or the phone crackles or whatever else. It is the most frustrating, annoying thing on the planet. I just don't want to talk to ANYONE that much. I can go stand on the driveway, and usually I get reception there, but in 100 degree heat, not really a good time. In the early evening as the mosquitoes come out to play, not really a good time. After I've settled down and I'm ready to relax for the evening...not really a good time. 

That also means when I’m trying to hit the internet off my phone…that doesn’t usually work well either.

In addition, my internet connection for the laptops is actually a thumb drive. That can’t seem to stay connected either, which means that while I’m in the middle of something (almost definitely if it’s the middle of a long email that I have been crafting quite carefully) I’ll lose the connection. 

In case you aren’t certain,  a wave of cussing usually follows these incidents. It is totally infuriating.
ATT tells me I need to get wireless internet in the house and then add a tower of some sort. I’m opposed on the principal of the thing. I LIVE IN THE MIDDLE OF A LARGE CITY. I should freaking be able to get a cellular connection. I've thought about getting a land line again, but I don't wanna. 

In the meantime, I have practically become a recluse. My phone rings, I look at it, and I think, I don’t want to go stand on the driveway, and be hot, or be bitten by bugs or just stand there. Know what I mean? So I don’t talk to people once I get home.  The fact that not being able to talk on the phone at home is hard on the heels of realizing I can't multitask for shit, so I really shouldn't talk while driving...well, it means in the summer...talking to me is almost an impossibility. 

It would probably be more upsetting if I weren’t already rather antisocial. As it is, it just continues my “not really talking to people” mentality. 

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