Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Medication for All!

The last week of school, a couple of my seniors took me aside to speak with me. They felt that being in charge of the production of THREE full size books might send me over the edge. As such, they wanted to make their case for me getting on Vyvanse. For those not in the know, that would be the latest and greatest ADD medicine. They convinced me. So, I found a dr and made an appt.

I completed all of the paperwork and then waited as she viewed it. Then she brought me back and talked to me for a bit. I might have mentioned...

the time the school nurse stood up to talk about ADD and then said almost as an aside, "if you want to see what adult ADD looks like, look in the back at the Diva."

The time I was given the ADD test to take and return. I forgot to do it. Then I forgot to return it. Then I finally returned it, and the dr stared at it, then looked at me. Then he said, "you circled everything." I stared at him blankly. "You were supposed write a number 1-5 beside each one." oops.

Then most recently when I asked our current school nurse if she thought the doctor would believe I had ADD. She laughed and said (in a rather drole tone if you ask me), "Yes, I think so."

At any rate, the dr looked at me and said, "There's a test I can give you, but you are pretty classic ADD, so I'm just going to prescribe the medicine."

And do you know what? The meds are awesome. OH MY GOSH. I can focus. I can get stuff done. It's a freaking miracle. And let me tell you, the kids are going to be very grateful too!!

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