Monday, June 18, 2012

Paid for 186 days of work

I'm trying to not be completely bitter about the fact that the school year ended May 25th. Since then I've been at work for part or all day 12 of the last 15 days. (I'm including today, since I'm on my way there next.) The list of projects that I'm working on is extensive.

The yearbook: I worked the first two weeks on the yearbook with next year's senior staff. Mostly they were working with John, my friend the designer. I'm there as back-up mostly. I need to be there, and they need to be there, but it still stinks to be at work day after day. The good news is that we got everything done, and next year should be a ton easier than this past year.

The centennial yearbook: Well, this actually was a dud. We had a different designer come to work on this book, but it didn't go very well. There is very little of what she did that I can use. A little stressful, since we really need these designs to be done when school starts too.

The Hyer directory: So, this is the only elementary school who had not cTompletely converted to Indesign. I had converted one, then they decided to stay on Word. Then I converted another one, then they decided to stay on Word. So I have my concerns about doing the conversion, but I need to get it done asap.

The Global Ebook. So my friend Jay doesn't really have a book for his class, so through a series of events, I have somehow ended up being in charge of making the ebook. I don't actually know how to do it, and I've watched a gazillion Youtube videos on Indesign and ebooks in order to learn how to do it. 

The real estate book. I know, you are looking at this one thinking, oh, well at least you're getting paid. No, not really. I will get paid for the two bios that I HAVE to have written soon, but they added pages to the beginning of the book, which means all of the page numbers have to change and they all have to be saved as different documents. And I think they want me to change the colors of the pages...none of which is accounted for in the contract, so it is quite possible that I won't get paid. 

I've already started working on the Journalism I curriculum. There is a lot to do. We have arranged for 3 days of work. It will absolutely take more than 3 days.

In addition, I need to sign up to take the real estate courses that will allow me to get my license. Sure to  be a long term benefit, but right now just another stresser. 

Just looking at this list makes me twitchy. 

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