Thursday, June 21, 2012

Flying the friendly skies

So I’m sitting on the airplane headed to D.C. I got to the airport probably 2 hours early. Have I mentioned that I love the airport? I love taking people to the airport, picking them up from the airport, and being at the airport myself. I can’t help it. Maybe I am a bit of a romantic. All of these people coming home and going away. Sad goodbyes and happy homecomings everywhere. The beauty of the huge metal birds gracefully emerging from the clouds and dropping steadily towards the ground always send me off into the land of daydreams. (Let’s pause and be impressed that I’ve never wrecked a car near the airport. Haha)

Im a little sad prices have made flying rather cost prohibitive. I don’t get to fly as much as I would like these days.

Sure, the actual mechanics of a trip are a total beating. I’m on a plane that will land at 10pm. Trust me when I tell you I am not pleased…and the return? Well, it departs at 7am. I am too old for these bullshit flight times.

And I had to leave ridiculously early to get Buddy to Pappy’s Pet Lodge. And yes, Buddy looked heart broken as he pulled on his lead and tried to race back to me as he saw me turn towards the door. I might have a cried a little. (Don’t tell anyone. I have a reputation as a heartless bitch to protect.)

And sure, I didn’t realize that I was supposed to reserve a parking space in advance. And that reservation would have allowed me to NOT PAY an extra $3 a day for parking (Yeah, I don’t have much of the Perkins family cheapness, but it shows up occasionally.)

And the courtesy bus did circle the parking lot twice for some completely baffling reason.

And yes, it was the longest stinking security checkpoint line I’ve been in EVER. And no, sadly, there were no cute boys to entertain me as I stood in said line. And yes, the TSA guy should probably drink decaf and take some yoga classes. He had a very cranking chi if you ask me.

And I forgot to try to find something terribly overpriced to eat in the airport thus leaving me without having had lunch or dinner today.

And there was a baby on board that looked precious and red cheeked as his mother walked him by and I said the prayer of every traveler with any sense "Please Lord, let the baby be in the back." 


I love airports and flying.

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