Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I'm extremely competitive...with myself

So, two changes in my life have made me realize a characteristic I possess that I don't think I really appreciated before now. I am very competitive, but only with myself.

When I moved, I changed insurance companies. My poor agent, who is the agent of my parents, a great guy and probably has been my agent for almost 20 years, was not happy. However, Progressive Insurance had gotten my attention. I was totally entranced with the idea of getting a discount for being a good driver. So, even if it was just for six months. I had to try it.

So, I changed. I got the little dobob that goes in my car.  I popped it in. The rules are simple. Don't hit the breaks too hard. Don't drive over 50 miles an hour, and don't drive during the hours of like midnight to 5am. So, not a problem.

That first week? %^%$#$#^*( little dobob beeped at me. ALL. OF. THE. TIME. It was terrible. Every time it sensed me hitting the break and dropping speed too quickly, it beeped. And it beeped a lot. Even the BFF commented on how much I was cussing when we talked. So, I made a decision. I wouldn't talk on the phone when I was driving. Lo and behold. The thing stopped beeping at me. I could go online and actually see the report of how often it would beep, and when. I love it. I love tracking it, and seeing how much I drive, how fast and when.

Sure, when I really think about it, it is terrible. Big brother is totally watching me. But I still love it.

Also, when I got the house, I did my research and found Reliant Energy would give me the best deal. The first week I got an email telling me how much electricity I had used that week, how much that meant I would use in the month, and when my peak usage was. Hum. So, that means that I can try to reduce my usage each week. Keep track and maybe lower my bill? I love it. I'm trying to control the urge to turn off all electrical items and sit in the dark to see if I can total lower my use....but I'm not completely opposed to the idea.

So, there you have it. I'm not going to compete with you...but I am totally willing to complete with myself!!

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