Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Real Estate Book From Hell

Some of you may remember my extensive history working on this book. I could try to make a fun link but which blog post beoching about it could I possible use?

At any rate, we finished the book, it looked beautiful and The Boys were immediately ready to start working on the next edition to occur in five years as they add in the 10 people they planned to induct during that period. The first two being inducted? Nice people, but one of them damn near has been the death of me as I try to get pictures and interviews so that I can write about her.

Today my luck turned. I FINALLY managed to speak with one of her besties who gave me great stories and great info to use as I write. I am beside myself with excitement.

If I can get this sucker done, then maybe The Boys won't be so displeased and since I have ANOTHER 2 bios to write over spring break, we would all like to move on past the current two . . . Oh, and I could the sheckles when I get paid!!

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