Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Day, Marriage and Dogs

No, no, unwad your panties. They aren't as connected as you think.

So, with the recent passing of Valentine's Day, I have once again been faced with the gentle reminder that I'm really not a pro dater as it were. I actually have made it past 3 dates so few times that I don't even know what appropriate dating behavior is. Like what counts as normal behavior for a guy. (For instance, the first two weeks, the toilet seat was always down. It made me happy. I found a guy that always put the toilet seat down. Total crock. Now it's down to about 50% of the time.)

In addition, making it to almost two months was so very exciting that I went a wee overboard in the gift giving department for Valentine's Day. Well, first I got a good gift, then I thought of something better. Now, luckily I kept the first one (ok, it was a gift certificate, so it worked out I could use it ; ) because although he was very appreciative, let's just say the grocery store flowers, not quite equal to what I got him. Clearly, it is not as big of deal to hit 7 weeks as it was for me. I like the flowers, they were sweet, but still a casual, nice to know you but I'm not investing too much into this cause let's face it, this is still a new relationship kind of message.

On the other hand, we went out the night before, and he made etouffe for me Sunday, which I must add was totally delicious. So, that was very sweet, right?

This then leads to my friend, PR's, comment that dating for me is like age for dogs - you have to multiply by 7 to appreciate the true length of time so to speak. Cause really, this is probably like a year to most people. I am totally impressed with myself that this has lasted this long. And, I'll admit, fairly often I think, yeah, this isn't gonna last much longer.

Today, I finally opened my mail from Saturday. Included in the mail was an absolutely adorable "save the date" for a friend's daughter's wedding. She's 19. Adorable. Boy? Adorable. Wedding party? Adorable. And yet, the cynic in me thinks, good grief, everything is stacked against them these days. How in today's world of "you have to be happy" and "don't take that girl" and get a divorce when things don't go well, are they going to manage to get married and STAY married?

I will say that they were going to have a destination wedding, but I am so glad that they aren't. I hope that all of the people that show up for that wedding remember how important the part each person plays is. We will all have an obligation to help these two very young, very in love people to stay married. Ugh. The pressure.

At any rate, back to me. As things progress with Mr. Potential, I mostly think things are going well. We have fun, we enjoy each other's company. I'm still a little worried about a lack of excitement regarding Sabrina and Buddy, but I can't totally blame him for that. ( I came home yesterday to discover the towel I put on one of the chairs to protect it from their muddy little feet was ripped into shreds. Victim of the let's destroy shit game they so love to play.)

Sigh. This dating thing is tough. That's all I'm really saying.


  1. I'm impressed with your gracious attitude about the 19-year-olds getting married. My response would have been more of the "WTF are two kids whose frontal lobes aren't even developed yet doing getting married? And this makes me feel like a spinster! And old, crusty spinster. Eff those kids!"

    Because sometimes? I'm not terribly gracious.

  2. FYI let there be no doubt that I have a secret girl crush on Cha Cha. Wait, may not be so secret now.