Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's important to be able to laugh, right? right?

Tuesday was my first day back at my house with both dogs and Cat. It was a bit chaotic. First, Cat may not be visible often, but I tell you what the boy shows up for breakfast.

Sadly, breakfast for Cat must start with his anti-acid medicine. He hates that. And he is shitty about it. As in, it is a big ole fight to get him to take the meds. And then he gets his new and improved, special wet smelly food for old cats food.

Sabrina then gets her many pills mixed up with peanut butter before being fed her super yummy wet dog food mixed with pumpkin.

I turn to Buddy and fill his dish with the 2 cups of dry food that he's always gotten.

If I could have filmed the expression on his face as he looked at me like, "Seriously, are you kidding me? This is what I get? I stay healthy, do what you ask? Always a good dog, and I get this crap?!?!?!?!

Poor thing.

Background: the kitchen has been set up as Sabrina's new hang out. I have an area rug cut to fit, then a tarp laid out, then blankets on top. Then there is a tarp over most of the living area so that it is covered on the way out the door.

This morning Sabrina was in a very sassy mood. She was standing in the living room barking in a fierce manner to let me know she was not pleased with her present circumstances. As she barked, she bounced with ears flapping in the wind.

I finally got Sabrina and Buddy outside. I turned around to see that with each bounce she made, she pooped. I have a picture. I'll upload it soon. It was big poop. So, as I cleaned up, both Sabrina and Buddy began to let me know they didn't want to be outside anymore.

I let them in, and sure enough, she pooped outside too.

So, when I came back home at 10 to let her out and "express" her bladder (Yeah, I have to help her pee every time) I tried to use the sprayer on the house. The water wasn't coming out, and then it started to spray out the sides, and I swear I turned it off and then turned it towards me so that the water spraying out the side wouldn't hit see where this is going don't you? Yup, I finally got the sprayer loose, and it popped off and all the water that had built up pressure sprayed me. Everything was soaked; dress, shoes, skivvy's. All of it.

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