Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bailey's may save my life

Ok, I will step back.

The day that I "moved" into Mom and Dad's, if you recall, I was sick as a dog. So, I get all of the blankets etc that I could find, plus my clothes, plus Sabrina's kennel and Buddy and drive to their house.

I lay down with great dramatics, and say, "I must rest before picking up Sabrina."

Dad, who happened to be home, said, "Well I need to go to Sprouts before you leave."

He gets home. Does he have fruit? vegetables? meat? fish? No. He had 14 bottles of wine and a bottle of Baileys. Yes, sir. I like the way you think. This is exactly how we will get through this.

So, I head off to pick up Sabrina. As a side note, although you might imagine that when you pay THOUSANDS of dollars for pet care that you would get a higher level of service and interest... you would be wrong. Indeed the vet that "checked Sabrina out" actually didn't know anything. And, gave me even less information. Just sent me on my way.

Each evening, after dinner, Dad would get up get the Bailey's and bring us glasses. We went through the first bottle within 3 days. I looked at Dad with horror. "But, look how well we've been getting along I said. It has to be the Bailey's."

"Good point," Dad said. So, each time we got close to running out, he'd go buy more. Yeah, we went through a good bit.

As it turns out, I have Bailey's at home. That, as they say, is a very good thing.

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