Thursday, September 2, 2010

It's a 5 loads of laundry day

Sabrina is now able to get up and down without help. It's not always pretty, but she can do it. We've taken walks a couple of times (around the block mostly, and she starts out pretty fast, but she usually slows down to a normal human rate (which she has never walked before) by the end of the walk.)

We went back to her regular vet on Tuesday. That was a total comedy of errors. I was looking cute with a skirt and jacket. Mom got in the car first (because taking her to the vet is now a two man job) to block off the front of the car so she would be forced to stay on the plastic tarp in case of accidents. Little did I know that as I was getting her in the car accidents had already begun. So, I hollar out to mom to get some tissues.

She runs back in the house, grabs tissues. Comes back out I clean up Sabrina and realize that I have poop down my skirt. I send mom back in with the poop and a request for jeans.

We finally got on the road with my sweet poopy girl. We could smell things getting worse in the back as we got farther down the road. Yeah, we found where she dropped it when we got to the vet's. It was a really good time.

The vet put her on Xanax to help her relax and not be all freaked out all the time (which is helping) and something for the urinary infection (which explains why she cried every time I tried to help her pee and lurched to snap at me.)

Things have actually been rolling along. Today, not so much rolling as just totally and complete day of constant pooping. If the last 3 hours are anything to go by, I don't know how Mom and Dad survived the day. I am so tired. I have done two loads of laundry since I got home and there is another load waiting to be started.

Poor Sabrina. I have washed her backside down several times. Oh, the smells are quite horrible too.

I recently made a comparison that Sabrina has become like a two year old child without a diaper on. You are trying to keep your eye out in case of pooping and peeing and God forbid if she starts playing in it, stepping in it, etc. Well, today it smells like the home of a two year old with a lot of poopy diapers laying around, if you know what I mean.

One more day of the week to survive, and then it is a three day weekend. I might relish it more if I didn't know my future holds a lot of cleaning, and pooping and peeing. sigh.

The vet has made me hopeful that we can get everything under control. I am praying with everything inside of me that we can get it worked out to the point that she can go 8 hours a day alone. Cause as grateful as I am that Mom and Dad are helping and letting me sleep on the couch, I am seriously missing my own bed, and home and stuff.

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