Wednesday, August 25, 2010

In case you were wondering

the last 7 days have been a total beating. So, it all began last Thursday. Wait. Back up. Actually, to a certain extent, it all began last Monday. Because that was the day of convocation.

Sunday night my friend PR spent the night. She lives out in Keller and since she is in charge of the big first day of return to school she frets that traffic will be all messed up and cause her to be late, so we have a slumber party. It's a tradition cause we've done it 3 times now. At any rate, we went to a cool restaurant in South Oak Cliff where some slutty girl at the bar in a tight pink dress turned away from the bar to pick up something that fell, spread her legs as she leaned down and flashed me. Happy town. Yes. I am totally and completely scarred.

After that we looked at houses in South Oak Cliff because they are cool and it's what we like to do.

First day of school was fine. New principal seems nice enough. My room still wasn't cleaned up from construction, and as it turns out, they hadn't actually finished working in my room, so I'd clean, and they'd mess up. It was a really good time the first three days.

At any rate, I had the editors coming to work while I was in meetings. It really wasn't too horrible.

Thursday I got home after school and Buddy greeted me at the door, but Sabrina was no where in sight. So I started up the stairs looking for her. I heard something in the bathroom. At first, I thought that she was hooked on something or had gotten a paw stuck, but then I realized that she was sitting straight up with her back paws sticking straight out. She was shaking but not moving. FREAK OUT.

I managed to get her downstairs and out the door. It was almost 5 when we got to the vet who basically said whatever was wrong was beyond what he could do but he called the Surgery Center of Dallas (just go ahead and imagine a BIG OLE Chi ching here.) Yes, they could have someone there by 7pm to meet us, so Sabrina and I set off up the tollroad.

The Surgery Center began the conversation saying that it was either a stroke or a herniated disk - was I prepared to spend thousands of dollars. I'm sitting in front of my dog who is looking at me scared and shaking totally cognizant with eyes begging me to make her better. So, I handed over the credit card.

As it turns out she had a stroke. They called later that night to say that there was no point of pain and the scans showed nothing ergo it was a stroke. In the meantime, my throat hurt and I didn't feel that great. By Friday I felt worse. I went to see Sabrina on Friday and sat in the kennel (full size, so room for both of us) with her for about an hour just loving on her. Lots of dogs, lots of noise.

Saturday she was able to get up (with help) and walk (with help) to a room where we sat for about 2 hours. While I was with her she peed about 4 different times all over the blanket. Not a good sign. Sunday, the vet called and said the good news was she is moving better and regaining strength but that she had lost control of her bladder and she could feel no pain in her tail.

Oh, and Saturday and Sunday I spent in bed. Sleeping. And feeling like crap. That's right, once again, I've caught the plague.

Monday morning, first day of school. All I want to do is curl in the fetal position. Not to be. So, I throw on clothes and head off. The day goes ok. Most of the kids I know. The yearbook staff should be good. I have photojournalism 7th period and Journalism 1 8th which totally sucks, but it turns out my J1 class is 10 girls ....we'll do just fine.

At any rate, Monday's phone call from the vet is to ask me if I want to do an MR, he had mentioned it the day before too, but what I basically kept hearing is that it probably won't tell us anything, but it might tell us if she has cancer???what??? but it is really academic. OK, how much is this academic MR? $2,000. Uh, that's a no ghostrider. Holy cow.

Monday after school I went straight away to visit Sabrina. We spent about an hour and half together. Bless her heart, I'm sure she isn't sleeping well among the noise of all of dogs. She slept part of the time snuggled against my leg. First the first time since Thursday, when I left she literally struggled to get away from the technician to go with me. Nearly. Killed. Me.

So, today is Wednesday. I am still having trouble breathing. My throat hurts. I'm full of phlem, and my precious dog is about to come home. Scratch that. Actually she is about to come to my parents house. Where I am. Because once again they are determined to prove when it really comes down to it, they will be there for me. Because we don't know what Sabrina needs. I know she can't stand up on her own yet, which means if she pees, she is stuck laying in it until someone comes and helps her. I know she can walk, but she is wobbly.

So, this morning I packed up every blanket and soft thing I could find so we would have plenty of blankets. I gathered up my clothes and Buddy so that we could all join Sabrina at M and D's. They will have Sabrina duty during the day, and I'll have it at night.

I don't know how long until she can get herself up without help. I don't know how long she is going to have bladder control issues. I don't what it will take to get her back to her old self. I don't know anything.

And that is why the last 7 days have been a beating.

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