Wednesday, August 4, 2010


What? Why, yes, I am screaming. Why am I screaming? Because I'm going to have a nervous breakdown, but the year hasn't even started yet. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot I am not amused.

I got an email earlier this summer than began, I know you don't like complaining parents...I don't know this parent and yet she knows I don't like complaining parents?? AND then proceeded to bitch about the photography company I hired this year. Really???

OK, so this summer there is construction work being done on the building. I knew there would be stress involved because the TV studio is being totally remodeled, and I was worried that the ceiling in my classroom was going to be lowered. I checked on the room Monday only to discover that they hadn't even started doing the work to my room. So it is currently empty. The back storage rooms are full. Full of yearbooks, full of computers that are in pieces and dismantled, full of boxes of new computers not assembled yet, and full, as in no room for

the stuff and people that usually do stuff there.

Room on the other hand, empty. Empty of the computers that need to be against the walls, desks that need to be organized, computers haven't been cleaned up, server isn't ready to go, templates not on the servers, instructions not put on the walls.

I'm working with the ads editor-in-chief who has informed me that although they usually have all of their ad pages completed when school starts, they haven't done one page so far because of problems with the programs we use. WTF

Oh, and yearbook sales have started. Luckily the PTA is in charge and it is done online. That is the good news. The bad news is that I usually let the girls buy their yearbooks separately for a lower price since they do the work that puts it together. It never fails, year after year, someone buys the yearbook online and then wants a refund of the discount. That is annoying to me because reimbursements are a great big pain in the butt and a lot of work for me. So, I always say, I'm sorry but no.

Please to follow the exchange below:

Note to parent who wrote requesting a reimbursement for her overpay

Dear Mom with Question, you will need to get a refund from The Diva.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Friendly Employee


Note mom sent to me because she apparently was unwilling to wait for a response. She sent me a note at 11:54am and I had responded within 20 minutes

Diva, FYI. My daughter received your text after I had paid for her yearbook. Not sure how I receive the credit back from you. . .


Note to mom sent from my iphone. Perhaps I didn't give enough detail, or sooth her heart enough or whatever.

Hi, I am sorry, but Because it would create a huge mess, I don't do refunds either. Once it is ordered online, it is ordered.

Sorry again,

Sent from my iPhone


Mom response. Clearly unhappy helping to support the yearbook through her yearbook purchase contribution.

Diva, Sorry, your response is not acceptable to me. Last year someone sent out a form for us to fill out. Why was it not sent out this year? My daughter tried to contact you, and two other girls before I paid. Another student had also paid full price. I want to know who dropped the ball this year. Please submit the name of the person responsible for this. They should be responsible for the reimbursements. I am not the only parent that paid the full price. Thank you! Very unhappy and possibly strident mom

This is the email which will almost definitely get yours truly in trouble. The question? How long till it hits the fan, and whether I actually care. If it helps any, I've already scheduled an appt with a doctor so that I can start a prescription of something that might keep me from killing anyone in the first month of school. . . so, yes, I know I am already dangerously close to the edge. With that being said...


Dear Mom of student who is very unhappy and possibly strident,

I am sorry that you are so upset. I understand your frustration. I am the person who dropped the ball. The building has practically been shut down all summer. I have had minimal access AT BEST to the building. We should have started preparing for the school year the first of this month. There are no computers set up, the server isn't ready, templates haven't been finalized and the ads managers are having trouble with their templates. The senior staff and I will not have access until August 16th. It is overwhelming what needs to be done to start the year.

All of this to say, in the interest of fairness, I am happy to tell all of the girls that there is no discount this year.

Thank you,

The Diva


She has since sent me ANOTHER email.

Then I suggest you give out vouchers for those who paid the full price to use next year and find a way to refund any seniors.

Is she kidding me??? Can I tell you how desperately I want to respond. In a totally inappropriate fashion if you weren't certain. Probably should sit on this one.

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