Thursday, July 29, 2010

Blah, blah blah

It's been a while and I have a lot to write. But right now, I just have to make a quick confession. I don't know what BlogHer is. And...the really bad part, I'm not sure that I give a flying f...I mean that I don't care. I keep reading about it on the various blogs I read. People are tweeting about it. To me, it sounds just like another freaking cult. Heaven knows, I am just barely dodging the freaks in the "scholastic journalism cult," pretty sure I don't need to start hanging out with a whole nother cult subgroup.

Am I missing something huge here? Actually, I'm not even sure of why I'm asking y'all. Odds are good, you don't know what it is either. Well, except for Fran. Odds are good she knows. She might even care now that I think about it. She recently tweeted that she found something that let her know when people stopped following her. She's keeping track of who's reading her and who's not. It almost makes me nervous, but part of me just thinks it's her OCD side acting up. At any rate, the amount I don't care about BlogHer is only exceeded by the amount I don't care if someone stops following me on Twitter. Well, unless it's one of my sisters, or the BFF or Truett. But other than that, don't care.

And BlogHer? Well, if there is some kind of convention for the 6 of you following me, well, let's party down, but other than that... I'm good.

Ok, at some point I'll blog about my week with the BFF, why school is going to kick my ass this year, the challenged issued for me to get a date before the end of August, why it is possible for my parents to make me totally insane, helping a former student pass a college summer school English class and, as always, my darling pets. (Think of these things as topics to look towards with excitement and expectation...feel free to throw down your preference for which story to tell first...)

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  1. I'm your biggest fan, I'll follow you 'til you love me! Papa-Paparazzi?

    I have a follow/unfollow tracking thing implemented as well.