Thursday, July 1, 2010

"Welcome to Nuts"

When last we caught up with our heroine, she was flying back from her trip to Europe. It was June. And she had a long list of things to do that she declared would make her nuts if she didn't get to doing them... hence the welcome to nuts, cause I have not actually been the productive machine I needed to be.

For instance, this was supposed to be the week of working on the latest material for The Book aka the bane of my existence. To date, I have done nothing. Well, I went to lunch with the boys on Tuesday to tell them I would have everything for them next Tuesday. Huh. Kinda wishing I hadn't done that.

I did get to go over and hang with my friend Anonymous. She made the huge mistake of thinking pregnancy was going to have a soundtrack of happy music and flowers...yeah, turns out her body is not as enamoured with being taken over by a growing lizard as others. We're praying that everything settles down soon, but as always we had a marathon talk session that made me delightfully happy.

I have seen Knight and Day (totally cute movie) and Killers. Sense a theme do you? So I like my love stories mixed in with a little humor and bang, bang shoot 'em up.

I got to get together with my friend PhD, PR, Sergio and a couple of others. So, on the social front I guess you could say I've done a lot.

But on the getting shit done list, not much at all. I can hardly get out of bed in the morning. I get like 2 things done a day. AND there are only 45 days left of summer. Ok, when I see that I think it might look churlish to those of you with yearlong jobs that I'm whining about having 45 days before I go back to work, but trust me when I tell you I need each and every day to get the stuff done that I have to get done so that I can go 9 months without getting anything done.

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