Thursday, September 9, 2010

Memory Lane

Wow. So, open house was Monday night. I thought I would go through my last 5 years of posts and read about past open houses. Do you know what I found? Practically nothing I tell you. Practically nothing. Do you want to know why? Because open house is boring. I'm not boring. I am sweetly eccentric and charmingly odd, but open house itself? boring. Same crap that I say every year. Parents staring at me. Me getting slightly nervous about talking.

At any rate, Open house was Tuesday after Memorial Day. Whoop.

In the meantime, after 3 weeks at my parents house I have gotten really, shockingly used to having a Bailey's every night.

Sabrina goes to the neurologist tomorrow, and she's either going to stay for a week as they work to get her bladder issues under control or we are going to have to give up. She can't live the rest of her life in the kitchen. It's just not ok.

Buddy, Cat and I will move home Saturday. I'm still praying that she is ok. She can walk again. She knows when she has to go to the bathroom and she lets me know, so I know she is getting better. We just have to get over the final hump!!

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