Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I love Sabrina's vet

I rushed Sabrina to the Katy Trail Vet's office on August 19th. She actually saw Dr. Lamping. He sends us on to the Referral Surgery Center. They tell me that it is either a herniated disc or a stroke (embolism in the spine) and that up front I need to be prepared to spend X number of dollars, and, oh, by the way, we're gonna need your credit card right now.

As it turns out, I was busy getting sick as a dog that night, and I continued to be deathly ill for another week. Couldn't actually afford a doctor because I was busy racking up the bills for Sabrina.

They released her the following Wednesday. Some Vet I had never met before or spoken with did the check out. She in no way prepared me to take home a totally incontinent dog.

After a couple of weeks of nothing getting better, in fact, Sabrina got a UTI and had to take antibiotics which, some of you may know, causes diarreah. Yeah, that was no fun.

So, Dr. Murray, who is the main Vet at Katy Trail has called me almost EVERY SINGLE DAY to check on her. She is the one that suggested canned pumpkin to help with the diarreah.

By the way, never heard from the referral surgery center again.

Three weeks after the stroke, Dr. Murray tells me that she has contacted a neurologist about Sabrina and that she's worried if we don't get her bladder emptied and shrunk, she'll always be incontinent even if she gets her nerve cells back. That if we put a catheter in for the weekend, we can keep her bladder totally empty and shrink it up. And yes, it will cost X and where is your credit card.

So, the next day I get Sabrina to the Specialty Vet place that has the neurologist that is even farther away than the last place. I introduce her to one of the vets, go through the history etc. I don't speak with a vet Saturday (even though I spent 2 hours with Sabrina), the vet that calls Sunday says yes, she has a catheter in. Monday, I get a call from a receptionist telling to show up between 4 and 4:14pm to check her out.

I show up. Stand around and wait for 30 minutes before some semi goth tech guy with huge holes in his ears and a stupid little gotee. He has never dealt with Sabrina before, so he can't answer any of my questions. I asked him if she still had a bladder infection and his answer was "She had a catheter in all weekend." I'm sorry, I don't even know what that answer means.

Yes, I was totally annoyed. In fact, at one point he tells me, "Really, you just gave her bladder a break for the weekend." If I didn't feel like a knew better I would have absolutely had a tizzy. I just paid HOW much???? To just give her bladder a break for the weekend??? Then they had me schedule a check-up in six weeks.

Dr. Murray called the next day, because she is the BEST VET EVER. She said she wanted to see Sabrina that afternoon if possible. How awesome is she? So, after seeing her she prescribed something to help with the diarreah. She also told me she had called the last place to talk to an actual vet.

Today she called to let me know that Sabrina does still have the bladder infection. So we have upped the antibiotics, upped the pumpkin, I'm now on a search for Cranberries to feed her twice a day and she has one medicine from the specialty vet.

So, for another six weeks we have the waiting game to see if there is any improvement.

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