Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Effin Thanksgiving

Well, technically it is the night before Thanksgiving. Tonight I am sitting in Kirby's drinking cosmo's and happy to not be packing or unpacking. My computer is running painfully slowly which makes me want to hurt someone. I have no internet at home, so I should be grateful for what I can get.

I am sleeping on the floor for the 5th of 7 nights. My back is killing me, but do you know what? No one is yelling at the dogs or me. It is good.

Today? All in all it was a good day.

Today, I wasn't at school. We had 7 proof batches to finish yesterday. My ads managers managed to do 2. By 7pm I decided it was time to call it a night. So, we left. With the batches not done. The good part of being old and having done a job for a long time is that I know it really doesn't matter. I wasn't working, so that was cool. Sure, Monday will be a beating, but what the heck.

Today I discovered that my new next door neighbor? Besides being the most beautiful black woman I have ever met, she's a vet. She likes dogs. Thank you, Sweet Jesus.

Today? I filed a police report for my circular saw and sander. There is a chance that they are just packed and missing, but there is a better chance I left the garage door open as I did stuff and they were stolen. The policeman who took the report was a total sweetheart. He talked to me about making marijuana legal. He was fun, and I'm all for it.

Today, I took Sabrina for her 3rd laser treatment. When we left, she effing JUMPED into the car. Trust me when I tell you, it was a big deal. Please God let her keep healing. I love the fact that we are trying something new and fairly untested, and it is working. IT IS WORKING.

Tonight? I'm grateful for all the things going well in my life. And there is a lot. I'm a lucky girl.

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