Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Contemplations on baby showers

This past Saturday I got to go to the baby shower of my really good friend Anonymous. She's a shy thing, and she doesn't like the limelight, so I know to a certain extent she had to be uncomfortable with all of the attention being on her, but I loved getting to be a part of celebrating with her.

I wasn't sure of whom I would know at the shower, so first, let me say that when my eyes locked on to the wife of a friend of mine, I zoned in on her like a shark with a laser on its head. Bless her heart, she then became the recipient of all of my funny comments.

For instance, can someone explain to me why we say congratulations to women that are pregnant?

Cause, sex, (from what I've heard) not that tricky, and from the number of unplanned pregnancies in this world, not sure it's deserving of a standing ovation. I will acknowledge for the people that try for a really, really long time, maybe they DO deserve congratulations in a "wow, glad it final took" kind of way.

And, congratulations on finding a way to totally lose ALL disposable income for the next 20 years or so.

Congratulations on entering a world of constant laundry, cooking, cleaning and poo? (I've entered that world as you well know and that isn't so much of a congratulations as a bless your heart, you poor dear.

Congratulations on bringing another being in the world that you are guaranteed to some how mess up but you don't get to know how, although eventually this being will let you know how you permanently scarred him?

Ok, sorry back on topic. It was a lovely baby shower. Someone gave her a wooden fish. It had sharp pointed edges. I'll admit, not the first thing I would imagine giving at a baby shower. Best part? She wasn't there, she dropped it off before going to another engagement, so the rest of us where left to wonder, whiskey tango foxtrot? We think there is a sweetly sentimental meaningful reason to this gift, but we don't know that for sure just yet. Might have wanted to leave a note. Just saying.

The mother-to-be I have to tell you looked stunning. She had on this great cream sweater. Her hair was adorable, and although she says she's as large as a house, I have seen the large pregnant women, and she is not on that list. I can't wait to see the pictures from the shower. Hint hint she writes hoping anonymous will forward the one with them together.

Gifts given? Diapers (designer jean diapers people, really?), blankets (lots of blankets), clothes (so cute, little boy clothes - even camo!), toys, car seat, that portable kid storage thing people love so much, stuffed animals, and chocolates. Pretty good haul. Almost makes me want one. haha. Kidding.

At any rate, I can't wait to babysit. Big fun. Play with the baby. Chill with the baby. Leave the baby when I'm done.

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