Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Weak of NOT look

Ladies and Gentlemen, what you are about to see is horrifying. In fact, I didn't even appreciate HOW horrifying until I was looking at the pictures on the computer.
I believe I might have mentioned the management company wants to show the old homestead. I got a phone call from the centralized showing service yesterday asking to show it yesterday afternoon. I didn't laugh out loud (trust me, it took effort) but I did decline. Went I got home, I cleaned up most of the poo, then thought, I need to take pictures to document the squalor in
which I am living these days.

So, here it is. In all its glory. Yes, I am disgusted. Upon entering, potential renters will be greeted with this view...please note the killer dogs behind the wood gate...
Normally, I wouldn't show my delicates to the world, but when I got home and started looking around at what needed to be done, I realized that my delicates were out and drying...those need to be put away. Don'tcha think?
Should they open the door behind the delicates, they get a glance at the garage, it is actually a little more organized because I took that picture last week, but it is chock full of my worldly possessions. Since technically, I'm not supposed to have a cat, my plan is to hide the litter box in the garage and the cat in the car when people come to see the place.
Back to the living room. Yup, it's a disaster.
And the big comfy chair? With no cushion because Buddy has EATEN it. . . also has pee on it because Sabrina won't stop getting on it.
The kitchen maintains the theme of horror...
What? You would like to see the patio. Oh, of course. Why, yes, that is poop on the patio. Yes, that is a dog walking in the middle of more poop. Welcome to my world.
Ok, perhaps we should go upstairs. Each night Sabrina goes to sleep with a new blanket under her. Each morning she gets up and I pick up under and take the blanket down to be washed because it is pee and poo covered. Behind her kennel you can see where ...well, I'm not even sure of how that happens, it falls out of her, that's all I can say. Gets on the wall when she shakes etc. I should have taken an after picture so you can know I really do clean up after her...often, but it is a constant job. For some reason I didn't take a picture of the rest of the room, but I like thinking about people seeing the size of the two kennels and thinking to themselves, wow, these must be really big dogs. Naa, they just need room to stretch ; )

Guest bedroom - frightful.
Back to the tour, the bathroom, it another biohazard altogether. And this one - all mine. I admit it, I'm lucky I'm showering at all. There are germs in that tub. Trust me when I tell you that. Cleaning the bathroom, so low on the list as to not even be worth mentioning. Now, really all I'm trying to do as far as the showing business go, is not have any evidence of the charge her on the move-out variety. They can know I live in squalor, I don't care. I just want to get all of my money back when I move.
My one worry has been that the mantle I had installed won't come down. I mean it might, but it is pretty solidly connected. It's the one thing I am hoping I can get away with leaving. People like mantles right?

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