Monday, November 8, 2010

Fun Update

So, I asked Mom and Dad for a huge favor. Please, please don't go to Hawaii for Thanksgiving. I need your help. Please go after Thanksgiving. Not that they help me pack, but I needed to move the menagerie north so that I could clean the house. Trust me when I tell you, it is not possible to clean with them here.

OK Mom says. We'll stay. I tell my friends how great my parents are. I have a friend telling me yesterday as I approach their house how she was telling her friend about my parents helping me out.

I am at their house last night. I made a comment about Sabrina coming up. Mom says, "We aren't going to be here, we'll be in Hawaii." WHAT? I say. I know you are kidding. That's not funny.

No, we are going to be in Hawaii... wait for it, You didn't write anything on the calendar. Is she kidding me? I am running my ass off taking care of the dogs, dealing with school, packing my house up, and when I begged her to help me and she said yes, I was supposed to drive to their house in Plano to put it on the calendar? Really?

Honestly, I totally lost my shit. Walked out of the house and balled the entire way home.

Embarrassed that I said they were helping me, and they aren't? Yes.
Worried about how in the Hell I am going to pull of this move and cleaning of the old house? Yes.
Confused that she was home when she agreed, but she didn't write it down, and she didn't remember that she had agreed, and when were they going to tell me? I realize I'm the old child in the area, but that seems problematic to me. Wouldn't this be something she would remember?

And the worst part. It's my own fault. I never should have asked them in the first place. I feel like an idiot.

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