Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My own Top Ten

Sometimes it's good to take a gander at the ole score chart of life, so with that in mind, let's start with the top ten things going wrong in my world.

10. I have no money. This actually isn't a big deal in and of itself because I never have any money, but it is problematic as I prepare to move AGAIN, and Christmas approaches.

9. My finely tuned plan for moving came crashing down Sunday afternoon, and I haven't quite figured out what to do. Let me assure you; cleaning the house with the dogs and cat there (have I mentioned that the cat barfs all of the time? Hardly seems worth mentioning in the face of the Sabrina issues, but problematic none the less.)

8. The management company called to tell me they plan to show my home while I'm still there. You know, the one with a cat that they don't know about, and looking like a disaster zone courtesy of trying to pack and one poop filled dog. Oh, and the back yard? The patio? Covered in poop. I spray it down every day, but pretty much, I spray it down every day because it is covered in poop every day.

7. I feel like this should be a rotating open: no dating, trying to make friends with weird girl who is strange, but the only friend I seem to be able to make, I feel like I am constantly in the kitchen or doing laundry or cleaning. I am caring for a child that has no chance of ever growing up to then take care of me. This is not right.

6. Sabrina continues to be a constant source of pee drippage and poo. And she doesn't want to eat her pumpkin anymore. That could almost be its own number because pumpkin is very important for firming the poo. Please refer to 9, 8, 7 and 6.

5. I'm still not talking to most of my seniors because there are traitors in my midst. This makes school less fun. It also means I'm trying to follow "rules" more since one of the girls has gone to her father recently and he is a school board member.

4. My life without a gall bladder was starting to settle down. I haven't really been having problems until about a month ago. Apparently the dog having issues isn't enough. Now I have issues too. Super.

3. I have two people in the world that I talk to all of the time about pretty much everything except one of them refuses to be a part of any conversation that has to do with family...you know, a huge part of my life since I live near my parents and something that will take up more and more of my life as they age. So, it sucks. I'm frustrated, sad, and annoyed.

2. I have some weird eczema on my hand and shoulder. It itches. Constantly. It is making me miserable. Stress? Old age? Cool. Oh, and by the way, the eczema is on top of the constant headaches. I have them all of the time. I am killing my liver through judicious use of alcohol and ibuprofen.

1. I'm moving over Thanksgiving. By myself. Without help from anyone. With a sick dog, a neurotic dog and an old cat. Hard to remember to be thankful with all of this on my plate.

OK, but it IS Thanksgiving so let's see if I can come up with a positive top ten things I thank God for:

10. Drugs. I know. sounds bad. But let's be honest, without the anti-anxiety meds, the migraine meds, the girl without a gall bladder meds, my life would be total hell. I am so grateful for the pharmaceutical industry and their drug making skills.

9. Caffeine. This could be part of 10 and it could be on the other list, but I am downing caffeine like nobodies business. I like to think it is helping me survive.

8. My vet. Ok, well, not my vet, but Sabrina's vet. Dr. Murray. She has been so amazing. Reassuring, checking in often, thinking of ways to change her meds to help Sabrina and me survive this. She is AWESOME.

7. My car works. Usually I would take this for granted, but I've had a brake light on for about 6 months now, and yesterday I realized I haven't changed the oil in forever. I am really grateful

6. My senior staff is great. Although some of the other seniors make me want to snarl every time I look at them. My senior staff are keeping the yearbook together for me. I am so grateful that I have them. This year would be beyond impossible without them.

5. I love my animals. Yes, there occupy most of the numbers on things going wrong right now, but last night as Sabrina, Buddy and I lay snuggled on the big comfy chair, and Sabrina slowly dripped pee on the big comfy chair, and Buddy took up more space than one 50lb dog should, I thought, "Wow. I am so lucky to have them. Even with all of this. I am so glad that I get to come home everyday to their love. They truly make me happy."

4. I found a new place to live that is just like the current one but better. Cheaper, 2 car garage, behind a park not a dog hating pediphile, 3 bedrooms not two. Yeah, this is good.

3. I get along with Blondie. After ten years of working with the meanest woman in the world and the dumbest man in the world, it is important to take a moment and appreciate how well I get along with Blondie. In fact I would also say she is part of my number 2...

2. I have a wonderful circle of friends. Sure, it is a really small circle, and most of them I don't get to see or talk to very often, but I know they are there.

1. I have the best bestie in the world. Honestly, I thank God for her every single day. I know she loves me and wants what is best for me and even on the most horrible of days, she is there making me feel better and not so alone. She rocks.

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