Thursday, October 14, 2010

How I learned I'm stressed

So, it is completely obvious that I am at full capacity a la stress level and any more than the current level turns into the tipping point of insanity.

I knew the PSAT was coming up and as always I would be administering it, but I managed to put it in the back of my mind until late Tuesday night.

I got to school yesterday morning right at 7 so that I could try to make an arrangement for someone to take my place for an hour at 10 so I could run home and take care of Sabrina.

I approach the lady in charge of testing and an AP and she tells me everyone is in use...AP suggests one of the other APs because he has to do the AV for senior presentations.

Then I can't find the other APs. I go back and ask how is EVERYONE in use if we are only giving the PSAT to 10th graders... The other grades were in groups for other types of presentation.

I call one of the "extras" in the other groups that the AP tells me could help me out. She says I don't think I can because we are doing group work or something." Stress level rising.

I find another AP who says its not that I don't want to help you but why can't one of the other APs help you? At which point... in the front of the building...with large numbers of people milling about...I started sobbing as I crossed the hall.

The new principal, thank you very much, sees me trying to get into an office so he comes to unlock the door. I call the BFF..still sobbing...hysterical sobbing. God bless her, I know she thinks I'm nuts and precariously close to jumping off a cliff. She then works to calm me down.

The front receptionist comes in. (Luckily she knows what's going on and is an absolute animal lover. She gets me tissue, a bottle of water and tlc.

Principal walks in. She tells him the deal since I start crying again. Yes, I have no doubt he thinks I am a total nut job. I told him (while sobbing, of course) that I didn't realize how much stress i'm under until something happens. I know it's not life or death but I don't understand why if everyone is in groups no one can even check in on my kids since there is another monitor in the room anyway...It seemed like such a little thing but it was a wall of "I can't help."

So, that is how I got confirmation that I am really, really stressed out.

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