Friday, December 31, 2010

Pictures of the new place.

So, as you may recall, I moved over Thanksgiving. I had grand plans to make a fun little video of what the place looked like empty, and then moving in etc. That may or may not happen. In the meantime...
This is what you see

Sure, my original plan was to have you see the place looking great, but that's hard when you have a sick dog. Especially a sick dog that has recently eaten tamales. Please note the mattress pad: best idea ever. It has plastic backing, so I have two that I flip out on the chair that Sabrina calls her own.

Have I mentioned the kitchen? I thought that I was in the house with the smallest kitchen, and then I saw this place and said, Eureka! THIS is the smallest kitchen ever. Once I realized just HOW small it is. I started reading everything I could on organization and small spaces. Please note: if I gain weight, I won't actually be able to stand at the kitchen sink. Kidding. Kind of.

I painted the door to the garage
in the magnetic paint. I was supposed to paint white on top of it, but I am a slacker, so I never did the second step. But look at that! It rocks. I have my grocery store list etc. On the pantry door, (I snort as I say that, bit of a euphemism if you ask me) I have a shoe storage unit. I have labeled everything, and it is really easy to find what I am after. If I remember that stuff is there.

Beyond the black door, is a wave of chaos and cleanliness. The garage was packed to the gills, and then I got more organized, then I started to go through everything to get rid of stuff, and then I spread out to work on projects. Right now we are doing pretty well.

So, I have moved things around a bunch in an effort to figure out what should stay and what should go. The dining room, yes, I laugh as I say that, is now just two stools on the kitchen counter which isn't actually fat enough for place settings, but it works. I have a chandelier from the Dumont house that I have spray painted a fun green to go with the maroon curtains and the gold accents.

In addition, the curtains which were long enough for Dumont and for Summit are NOT long enough here. So, I have extra material and I am going to add length to them, but in the meantime, I hung them to try to keep the cold out. I think they will look great once they are finished. I found the energy efficient curtains for $12.00. Power. Buy. Bam. There is also no coat closet which is a bit of a pain. However, I found a hook bar at Target and hung it right behind the front door. I also traded my parents a side table for the chest. Now I have a place for my blankets to keep me warm and for my gloves and hats and such. Please note on the bathroom door hangs the animal print snuggy. Very soft and cozy!

Since I currently spend about 95% of my time downstairs, this is all you get for now.

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