Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year's Resolution

I had to really go back and search to find where I had written my new year resolutions. I mean I was really ahead of the game, and then, I really fell behind.

**2011 the year of mind, body, environment. 20 minutes a day, for my mind, my body and my environment.
  • So, mind - I think will be morning. I'll read my devotional or write meditatively on the blog or both. (Who am I kidding. I am not doing anything that requires brain power in the morning. Let's put this in evening.)
  • body - beyond walking the dogs, I will drop them off and then run for twenty minutes minimum. I HAVE to burn calories. (Hmmm, ok, for now, let's just say I am going to get back to walking the dogs every day. I have downloaded Loseit and Imapmyfitness on the iphone. Perhaps between the two I can do a better job of keeping up with what I eat and if I am really exercising with a little help.)
  • Environment - I will spend 20 minutes a day keeping up with the house/yard, make the bed, file docs and take care of financials, keeping the place clean, etc. (OK, working on the house is about the only thing I managed to do over the holidays, so I might be able to pull this off. Of course it would all go soooo much easier if I could get Sabrina in better shape. )

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