Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Well, my goodness

Sometimes, life is just plain weird. This is such a weird little story, but I can't bear to not make a record of it.

1. So, some stranger comments on my sisters blog. Then comments again, again and again. Then comments and says my sister likes to interfere in other people's business the way HER sister does. Well, that is either Monica or me and since Monica can barely work her phone and doesn't blog, we're pretty sure the reference is to me. So, I guess HP mom. Typical. Honestly, what does someone gain by going onto the blog of a stranger and making snide comments? Really?

2. I'm rooting around blogger and I hit my final blog post on the old blog. There are 5 comments. ALL HATEFUL. But strange because they are saying mean things about me, but not really saying anything specific. Except one said that I had a crappy house on some street I've never heard of. AND I don't recognize any of their names, and when I try to look up any info to figure out who their kids are...there is NOTHING that correlates. (Twilight Zone music plays here.)

3. I click on one of the commenter's name and up pops 2 posts on her own blog. 2 exactly TWO. One of which is titled my name and picture... and she says I was trying to steal her husband, huh? If I may say so, it is a great picture of me (from my old blog) and it says I'm an old hag almost 50 with bad hair. Really? Like that IS my good feature. Who is she kidding? And 40 is NOT the new 50.

4. I get a little flustered cause let's admit that is just weird. So I decide it is time to delete the old blog. What do I do? Delete the new blog. Auuuuggghhhh

5. At least an hour of flittering about on the internet trying to get the blog back AND trying not to ball like a baby because I have lost my blog. It's not the worst thing ever because I saved it all in October when I transferred it, but A LOT has happened between October and now. This is my diary for crying out loud. It was going to suck to have lost 3 months of my life because I'm Annie quick draw with the delete finger.

6. I manage to find the "listing" of all my blogs (I appear to do a lot of deleting and starting) it asked me if I wanted to undelete - and bam it came back. Turns out Blogger knows we, the general population, aren't too swift and it gives us 90 days to regret a delete action. Hoorah for Blogger.

7. So part of their ranting was that I shouldn't be Diva because that is a singer and who am I to think I am a Diva. Now, since I originally did it tongue in cheek because no Diva would be as steeped in Shit as I currently am I've decided to keep the Diva although I was thinking I might change the name of the blog just because maybe it is time for a change. . . can't decide. If I change I'll probably go with Lessons from the front because I would like to think I am learning lessons as I go, but who knows.

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