Thursday, December 2, 2010

Oh, Craig's List how you lure me...

My BFF has had an affair with Craig's list for quite some time. She is very good at finding the deals AND selling things that need to move out of her home. In fact, last year when I moved she posted free boxes for me which disappeared immediately.

This year when I began my "I must sell things" campaign, BFF was there to help me again, posting things for me so I only had to deal with the "where to meet" portion of the deal.

Then I got independent and started posting my own stuff. It is great. I am a selling maniac.

Including these shoes -

They are cute. I thought they would go lickety split.

Today, I got this email: "Are they still available? I would pay you a $100 if I could rub and kiss your feet, also. Let me know."

That's two laser therapies for Sabrina...I'm thinking about it.

But beyond the weirdness of this particular message, I have to say. I love selling all sorts of stuff without the pain of a garage sale. It is awesome.

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