Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010

Since I haven't blogged since Dec 2, I think we can safely say...I've been busy? Nothing noteworthy has been going on? My life is a total grind? Yes, yes, yes.

I made an attempt to blog midway through the month, but it never made it past the draft phase and it is very obvious that I was in a funk.

In the meantime, a friend brought some tamales for me to eat which Sabrina decided she had to eat. So she did. Last Monday. Thursday at about 11am it started working its way out of her body. Not pretty.

Today, Friday, 1pm...they are STILL working their way through her body. I would say it serves her right, but I am suffering right along with her courtesy of the cleanup required.
She looks soooo sad.

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