Tuesday, July 4, 2006


My keister is bruised, I have a rasberry down the side of my right calf and there are several blisters on my feet!

First I didn't sleep last night. I mean I was awake all freaking night. Mostly thinking about the stupid house situation. Spent a little time analyzing what a bone head I am to buy new roller skates and plan to skate in the parade after not having skates for a couple of years. (Couple is being used loosely here . . . might be closer to half a dozen . . . or so. So I fretted about how to handle the sale of the current casa and options on buying a new one. Sadly, it's not as if I arrived in the morning ready to start my day with burning eyes and solutions to my problems. I just got the burning eyes.

At any rate, got up this morning, put on the 4th of July requisite colors of R, W and B, then headed over to Randy and Diana's. Randy loves being in the parade, so every year he signs up and whoever wishes to join the group rides, walks, roller skates whatever in the parade with him and Diana. I put on my spankin new roller skates, and the new protective wear for the wrists and knees. I'd like to add this protective wear even had a space for a cell phone . . . to enable one to call for medical attention when necessary I'm quite certain. Randy had already headed over to begin the fellowship part of the morning, and Diana and I followed. (She was on her bike.)

I managed to fall TWICE before even getting to the senior high where the parade route began. The first time I landed on my right leg causing the previously mentioned rasberry that hurts like the very devil. The second time I was skating off the sidewalk to the street on one of those corner ramps and my skates went out from under me. I landed on my butt so hard I felt it up my spine. My teeth rattled. I cursed.

Made it to the senior high without killing myself, barely. I said hi to Pam's brother-in-law, Patrick. He was the man in charge of the parade (policewise that is). Not as excited about it as others I might add. When I saw him Sunday, he was telling me about the candy that people throw that gets left behind. I think some kid, after the parade, darted out and got hit by a car trying to grab candy in the street. It's not my place to ask where the kid's mother was, but I ask you where was the kids mother? father? uncle? anybody? At any rate, I felt a compulsion through the whole parade to keep picking up candy I found left in the road. I can hardly remain vertical, and I'm picking up candy. geeezz.

The parade began at 9:30am and we hit the end of the route at about 11am. Thank heavens Randy's daughter Cindy was waiting for us with her ac'd minivan. (Her son had ridden his scooter in the parade, and Rusty, Randy's son rode his bike which got a flat tire right before the final turn!)

Jon-David had called earlier to ask me to borrow one of Dad's extention cords, since I packed all of them up, so he could do the lawn. Isn't that sweet? I was happy to oblige. I took said extention cord to him, (Thanks Dad.) and promptly left so that I could take a shower!

I am now clean. I knew that I had to write in the blog before putting my wee head down for a nap. Please take a moment to feel sorry for me and my wounds, and then have a happy fourth of July or whatever day you are having by the time you get around to reading this. I'm going to sleep.

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