Friday, July 21, 2006

It's raining, it's pouring . . .

It's been drizzly since I arrived, only really raining as we worked our way from the subway to the hotel with luggage and then yesterday as we worked our way from the hotel to the subway with luggage. hmmm.

When I woke this morning at 4, I could hear the rain coming down, and it has continued since. I'd like to mention that I stayed up until 10pm last night, so consistently I have woken after 6 hours of sleep each night. That is why, this morning I just got up and came downstairs. From what MaryBeth said, if the weather wasn't so gross I'd be able to tell that the sun comes up at about 3:00 am or so. There are also obnoxious crow creatures that make squawking noises that are also making it difficult to stay asleep.

I got downstairs and the nasty Japanese Beatles were having SEX. Disgusting. She was underneath trying desperately to get away as they made clack clack noises on the wall of their container. Can't tell me that's not sex. Yuck. I mentioned to Mike and MaryBeth that if they didn't want to have to talk about sex, they might not want to have boy and girl beatles coming into the house. I'd also like to add when Brock got up he asked why is MJ (boy) on top of Midnight (girl). See what I'm saying.

Once up I came downstairs, grabbed a book, had some Frosted Flakes and waited for the rest of the world to wake. MB came down a little before 7, and we had coffee/tea together. Mike has just gone off to work out, then MB and I will go. It is funny because last night I was telling them that I probably wasn't going to want to work out in the morning. I don't usually have good work outs early in the day. Mike laughed and said if I keep waking up in the middle of the night, it wouldn't actually be that early. As it turns out, he was right. 4 hours later, I'm thinking, yes, I think I am ready to work out.

Oh, and for those of you interested, it is very very weird to never hear my phone ring. I'm also disappointed that unlike Europe, I can't just call someone and say, hey I'm calling from a Buddist temple, what do you think of that. Not that I would call anyone from a Buddist temple. That would be wrong.

I have no idea of what the plan for the day is, but if I know MaryBeth we'll have a pretty good schedule laid out before long.

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  1. sorry it is raining - tell the rain god to send the rain to Texas! Keep up the blog postings since that will be my only contact with you for 3 weeks.