Saturday, July 15, 2006

Last Saturday before Japan

As I sit here Saturday evening, enjoying the feeling of being clean . . . my hygiene habits sometimes slack off in the summer . . . studying my freshly manicured and pedicured digits while watching a little HGTV, it's hard to imagine that in 3 days I'll be in Japan.

Had a little waxing done this morning, then I went shopping for a travel outfit with Mimi. It took her a little while to catch on to the "outfit must match luggage" theme. Apparently she thought that was a flexible plan. But, no. I also got a couple of pairs of flip flops. Very cute and on sale, thank you very much.

I went down to Deborah's because I've been working on the photos for her mother's funeral slideshow, and I needed to get them to her before I leave. First, I want to say that Mrs. Long is hanging in there and currently accepting all prayers and positive thoughts. However, the cancer came so suddenly and so hard that the family is trying to take care of business so that they can enjoy each other if you know what I mean. Second, I know that a slide show at a funeral sounds weird, (although for some it may not if you've been to a funeral with a slideshow before). As I've been cleaning up photos and getting them in order, I've thought about what photos I would want, I think it is a nice way to remember someone's life.

While I was there, Lance her fabulous, handsome, lawyer husband talked to me about my lien issues. Basically, I'm screwed. Other than waiting out the sorry S.O.B., there isn't a version of the story that won't cost me money. I am not happy about this. Lance, I love you man, but your news sucked. Oh well, guess I'll go to Japan and think about it in 3 weeks.

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