Monday, July 24, 2006


Well, after working out this morning, MB and I began a day of errands. After lunch we took the kids to a park about 45 minutes away. (It was actually a dry run for the group of women going tomorrow.) We finally arrived ( she didn't have great copiloting). The gate was mostly closed with a sign (which we couldn't read) on a tire/pole. There was enough room for us to get in, so we did. The kids didn't have 2 minutes on the playground before a guy came running out telling us it was closed (in Japanese of course). I did tell MaryBeth how proud I am of her willingness to go out into the world and drive willy nilly in a country that gives very little driving instruction in English.

Grace had swimming lessons this afternoon, a little scary to watch. It's a miracle she hasn't drowned already. After that we came home for a fajita dinner. Yum. It included margaritas, so I'm pretty much ready for bed. Mike has a baseball game tonight against medical. Apparently last time medical played, someone was hurt and the call was put out for a doctor. They all looked at each other blank faced until someone finally came over . . . gyno.

I'm enjoying meeting all of the people MaryBeth knows. It's pretty amusing. It's like Mayberry here. Everybody knows everybody, there are no secrets. Good thing MB stays on the straight and narrow path!

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  1. OK - good news.

    You can skype to skype for free anytime, but I just saw this on skype's website in case you cannot get it downloaded for whatever reason.

    This weekend, anyone can use skype to call MB's phone number to talk to you for free! Starting at 12:01AM July 29th until 11:59PM July 30th EST we can make as many calls as we like to any phone in Japan, and it won’t cost a thing.

    Hope this helps!

    Pam M