Friday, July 21, 2006

The first exciting day in Misawa

After working out, I had to borrow clothes from MaryBeth because I most definitely did not bring anything warm enough for this place. Grace runs around like a hooligan in shorts the crazy thing, and I'm wearing a jacket inside!

We went to the grocery store. Let us pause a moment to thank our men and women of the armed forces stationed overseas unable to get normal groceries cause they don't have them or have run out.

After the grocery store, we went to Takumi Ramen for lunch. Ramen is different than the frozen variety at home and very, very yummy. It was a really big bowl, and as much as I wanted to eat myself silly, I couldn't get through it all. After that we went to the local grocery store - pictures to come soon and the local Kmart. (Not really called Kmart.) We returned to the base for a little time at the Weasel's Den. A huge airplane hanger with putt-putt golf, go-carts, bouncing places etc. The children were able to run amok. Back at the house, we return to hanging out!

You're not going to believe this, but Mike and I are going to see Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift (seems appropriate, don't you think?), and MB and kids are staying home cause she has no desire to see it, and Brock is too young to get to go with his Dad. I've wanted to see it, so it works great for me.

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