Saturday, July 22, 2006

Good googlymoogly

MB and I met up with her friend Jen and Jen's mother for a 7am walk. Turns out it is a 5 mile butt buster. Took about an hour and 1/2. MB failed to mention before taking off that there would be many hills involved including one fondly referred to as the "butt buster" These girls have been doing this for a while so they have a nice little pace that caused me to start wheezing about half way through. I think there is still a hitch in my getalong.

MB and Mike had not previously been to the waterpark, so we took off at about 11am with directions that turned out to be highly suspect. After a few wrong turns and the help of a very friendly convenience clerk, we arrived.

Upon entrance to the park (mostly indoors, thank heavens), it is required to leave shoes in lockers and return the key to the front desk before they'll even think about letting you in the park. Turns out they have a very good reason. All the "no skid" matts all over the place to keep people from falling are PAINFUL to walk on. They couldn't possibly keep people barefoot if there was any chance of access to the flipflops.

After paying, (thank you Mike) the cashier rips out her handy dandy instructions in English so that we know what to do. She tells us girls to the red curtain, boys to the blue. So we trot off, into the onsen. If you are unfamiliar with this term, think of it as a very large communal bath for girls. Don't think about it too much, it will give you the heeby jeeby's. We determined that perhaps this wasn't the right place. Now, MaryBeth determined it because she knew what it was an onsen. I determined it because I had a key to locker 2085 and there were no lockers in this room. Almost immediately after we emerged, the cashier lady came running up pointing to the correct door. Oops.

So, changed clothes, and into the pool. Walking from the changing room you enter the pool area, but not before running through a vishy shower. (beaucoup de shower heads on the walls spray you as you walk by getting the whole bod wet.) MaryBeth goes through fine. She gets done and the shower stops. I can't find out how to make it work at all. I must have looked fairly puzzled because a very nice man came up and pointed out that there is a sensor that turns them on as you walk by - I had taken too long, so I had to cross the sensor a second time to get the damn thing to work.

Ok, in the pool area. It actually was about 10 smaller pools with different designs. 1. had lap lanes 2. formed an oval track that you just circled around. 3. very small hot water. 4. very small cold water etc etc. There was even an outside pool that was heated, so you look out at the fields of green. That was my favorite. If you look closely at the photo, you can see heads sticking out of the pool. All in all it was very lovely. I had started getting a headache before we even left, so it was nice to just sit in the water and enjoy the scenery. Brock and Grace had a grand old time. There was even a lazy river outside, not heated that Brock convinced MaryBeth to get in. I, being no fool, held out. When we were leaving, Mike came out of the guys changing room with a bootie that had a small baby frog in it. He very politely gave it to the front desk clerk, who very politely accepted it while very obviously having no clue of what to do with it.

On our way home, we stopped at KFC for lunch. Chicken is pretty much the same, side dishes are definitely different. After lunch, I popped one of my headache pills in an effort to get the sucker to go away.

We got back to the house, and I laid down on the couch. Finally I decided a bath was in order. I took another pill, put peppermint on my temples, and soaked in the tub. It helped, but I was too far gone. I was fairly certain barfing was a distinct possibility and death was imminent. I finally laid down on the bed with an icepack on my head and prayed not to hurl. Now the irony of that for those of you not in the know, is that hurling actually makes it better, however once you pop a couple of the expensive headache pills, it is down right hateful to throw them up. MB came and checked on me (she is such a good mom), got a fan blowing directly on me, and I finally slept.

I woke up at about 11pm, but I stayed in bed until 3am before I finally got up. (I did sleep some more, but I kept waking up.) So, I came downstairs to join the crows and beatles. I've been watching the crazy male beatle try to escape from his confinement all morning. If only I could put into words how creeped out I am by the little bugger.

Fran was on IM when I turned the computer on, so I finally got to chat with her a little. No where near my usual dose of talking twice a day, but better than nothing! MB just came down, so I have to go get dressed to work out. I"m no quitter!

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