Friday, July 21, 2006

I'm now in Misawa

Friday afternoon. I emailed a post to myself, but I bet this one shows up before it does. MaryBeth and I arrived a little while ago. We took the bullet train so it was a fast trip. We are all going to dinner at Magnum (the officer's club) on base in a little while.

For some strange reason, Mike got the kids two beatles this afternoon. (Apparently children's desperation for a pet can lead to their thinking that beatles count. These things are huge by the way. Please see photo.
Brock and Grace let me get a photo of them in front of their bedrooms. Japanese shops have these curtains that the kids have now hung in their bedroom doorways. Grace has graciously given up her room for my stay. She will be on the top bunk in Brock's room.

I also took a photo of a cool chest that MB has purchased in Japan. She has actually bought a bunch of stuff. Cool Japanese drum, a temple latern looking thing, wooden ladder, large wood fish. It looks great.

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