Saturday, July 22, 2006

Guess what time it is!

Well, now it's only 4:50, but I've been up awhile . . . me, the crows and the freaking Japanese Beatles. If I keep this up, my brain may begin to wilt around the edges. I thought I might sleep later, but Grace is sleeping on the top bunk of Brock's bed. MaryBeth (crafty girl that she is) put two plastic container lids (for really big containers) between the mattress and the side of the bed to act as a barrier should Grace roll towards the edge. One of them fell off, and I was awake enough to pop up when I heard the noise and a small cry to think, Holy Cow the child has rolled off the bed and conked herself. Luckily, only the lid fell. But I was without a doubt awake, so here I am.

Right now, the MK (boy beatle) has his head shoved into his little bowl of jello with his legs kicking in the air. Very strange.

The Fast and the Furious was pretty good. There is a line in the movie about the center of fashion being Tokyo. (Could have fallen out of my chair laughing!) They only were cute cause American designers chose the clothes for the movie. It was fun to watch since I have so recently been in Tokyo. Someone I met yesterday (I was introduced, but I'm confident there isn't a quiz later.) was telling us that apparently some military boys went out on one of those Japanese roads to attempt a little "drifting" one drifted into a tree and the other drifted into something else - neither was really hurt, but their cars are toast. Boys. Geez

I think Mike wants to take everyone to the water park?! today. I can't begin to imagine what that experience is going to be like. I'll be sure to take notes.

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