Friday, July 7, 2006

. . . And God smiles down on me . . . I think

I got up bright and early to help my friend Ann make a gazillion dollars at her garage sale. I got to her house before 7am and these four guys that were already skulking about in the alley waiting for the 8am opening of the sale tried to edge their way in behind me! By 10am most of the stuff was gone! In the meantime I began trading phone calls with Ms Nelson.

She was supposed to hear back from the mortgage company regarding the appraisal by noon. At 1pm I called and left a message saying I understood the mortgage company was the hold up, but I needed to get the house on the market, so I would appreciate it if she could get the form completed to terminate the contract.

She called me back a little bit later, said she understood and that she had a call in to the mortgage company and her buyer. She said that she had explained to the buyer that I had conveyed my inability to sell my home for $188,000.

She called late this afternoon to tell me the appraisal came back the same. (Go figure.) She had spoken with her buyer, and he had a call into the mortgage company to make sure they would loan the full amount because he did still want the house and she would send an amendment regarding the new closing date. I said I had to close by Wednesday.

Well . . . sure enough . . . the amendment arrived via email and the only change is the date of closing not the price of the house. . . holy cow, batman!!! Another reminder to leave things in God's hands.

To return me to Earth, I have defensive driving in the morning from 9-3pm yuck. Perhaps I can practice my deep breathing. "OM" is supposed to be very therapeutic. Might even help to get rid of the eye tick.

Now, if I can remember to put a few more areas of my life in His hands, that would be a really good thing.

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