Sunday, July 16, 2006

Do you remember the Clary house?

You know the one. We made an offer, but the real estate agent didn't respond AT ALL. So, I'm was looking at the house section of the paper last night, and I see that the Clary house is going to be open from 1-3 today.

I call BK, my fabulous and awesome real estate agent, and I tell her I want to go by and spit on the agent. OK, so I'm not allowed to do that, but since the house is down the street from hers after I say Hi to Mom and Dad I'll head her way to go see it. So, I was blase about Eva and I coming to stay with them early, and possibly didn't give them all the details of the day. Of course, if I weren't such a dumbass I would write the details of my flipping out over things on the internet. More discussion of that later.

Arrived at BK's a little after 1pm. We walk down, actually up, and I mean up to the Clary house. We were both out of breath by the time we got to the top of that hill. The stupid house wasn't even open. We looked in the windows. The seller had obviously paid for the house to be "staged" (I hope not a lot, cause it didn't look that great.)

We went back to her house, shot the shit, drank lemonade, ate cherries, talked about the stupidity of men (Ok, that might have been more specific, but whatever). She also showed me what all has been done on her house. She says it will be done by the time I get back from Japan, so I'm excited about that.

We went across the street to say hi to Pam and Jim. Monday is Pam's last day of chemo and Thursday is her last day of radiation. (It might be the other way around, but I think I got it right.) At any rate, she is so excited she is practically giddy. She's doing awesome.

In the meantime, BK and I decided to go see a movie - You, Me and Dupree. It was very, very funny. Enjoyed it tremendously.

Sidenote: turned my phone on silent, it rang. Checked it. Made sure it was on silent. Rang again. So, I turned the damn thing off. Then when we got out of the movie I tried to turn the stupid thing on - wouldn't turn on at all. Piece of Junk.

After the movie, we made a run by Barnes and Noble. Grabbed my car at BK's and headed up to Mamma Cone's cause she had something for me to take to Grace. By the time I got to 2137 Deerfield (aka Mom and Dad's) it was 8pm.

Turns out MaryBeth outed me, cause she read the blog and got worried. Since the phone wasn't on, I didn't know she was serious about reaching me. So she called 2137. Mom, in the meantime, no fool, figured MaryBeth calling to check on me by calling them meant something might be up. It's good to be loved. No worries. I have called MB and reassured her that all is well. OK, not fabulous. But I'm good. At any rate if you are reading this after Sunday, you are probably a little confused right now. You're just going to have to stay that way cause I deleted the post that might explain. Needless to say, I got mad at JD had a hissy, went over to mom and dad's. blah, blah, blah

So, I'm sitting in the guest bedroom. Listening to Hoosiers in the family room because my parents (specifically, my father) are STONE DEAF and the sound system is up full blast. This is why I could not possibly live with my parents, and why I am so damn glad that I got an apartment! Could this explain why Eva has gone deaf? Too much time at the grandparents?

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