Monday, July 31, 2006

Learning something new everyday

Mike has now published pictures of his trip up Fuji (sorry had the website here, but MB wanted me to take it off. Seems that she has it fixed on her blog that no one can find it. So, I guess you have to email me to get the address.)

MaryBeth is so awesome. She just showed me how to use spellcheck on this blog! So, now we have the new improved spelling error free blog. Hopefully.

We made another run by the mall today. I couldn't resist getting more of the extra long socks. Brock had Jr NBA and Grace had swimming lessons today. I watched Brock play in the first half before Grace became cranky pants, and I went into the commons area with her. He did really well. Scored two points. Probably twice as tall as at least one of the other kids! Grace looks like she is near drowning all of the time, but she loves the water. She is a total mermaid.

After dinner, we sat on the playground watching the kids. It was pretty dang cold out there. When we went out there was this little girl climbing the slide and sliding down. She kept up a running dialogue as we sat there. Her name is Lindsay, she is three. Still climbing, still sliding. I mentioned to her it might be easier to climb the ladder and slide down, but no, that was not part of her plan. Still climbing, still sliding, still talking. Occasionally falling on her face, struggling back to her feet to confront the slide. At one point she ran off and then returned a little while later.

As we were leaving, her mother was approaching. We mentioned that she had kept up her end of the conversation quite nicely. Her mother laughed and said she had run in the house earlier and asked about their dog still in Texas (getting an update on how he was doing). She informed her mother that she was talking to the two ladies on the playground. Good to know that is what she was telling us when she returned because in all of that I understood maybe every fourth sentence.

After the playground we went in for dessert. MaryBeth made scones that we had with strawberries and whipped cream. How yummy is that?!!

Well, it's the end of another day. I'm almost done with my book The World is Flat. It's interesting that much of the book is about how interconnected the world has become as information and technology passes almost instantaneously around the world, and it feels very personal as I write Monday evening how my day has been so that I can keep in touch with everyone back home who could wake up Monday morning, get on the computer and know all the details.


  1. I've added "The World Is Flat" to my list of "must-reads". It came up in coversation last week, and now your recommendation leaves no alternative.

    How are the beatles doing?

  2. I want to know what letter would go on your license plate?

  3. The beatles are still with us. I swear they get active everytime I come in the room.

    My letter would be D - danger, this chick is too busy on the phone. ha ha. oh the memories, I miss my phone.