Monday, July 3, 2006

The girl without a home

As I sit here catching you up on my world, Jon-David and I are watching The American President with Michael Douglas and Annette Benning. It is a great movie. The internet connection I've been stealing has been sketchy all day, so I'm hoping nothing goes wrong. I'll be very annoyed if I type the whole thing, and then it deletes. That would be typical.

Last night I went over to Pam's parents house. Had a great time. Her nephew, Tommy, was baptised Saturday, so his paternal grandparents and aunts and uncles were in town. As always, it was a great time at the Landry homestead. (Mr. Landry always lets me dip into his Crown Royal when I visit.) I planned on leaving at a timely hour 8 or so, but hung out until 10 or so. I could hang out with them all night.

Funny note: Tommy's father, Patrick works for the Plano Police Dept. (Some of you might remember, years ago he let me ride with him one night on patrol. very cool.) At any rate, I was kvetching about the fabulous officer Yanelli, he who gives me speeding tickets as if he had GPS on my ass, and Patrick tells me he is now Yanelli's boss. When asked to get the fine Officer Y to stop giving me tickets, Patrick, that hard ass, told me to stop speeding. Thpppllllttttt. (sound to accompany the tongue sticking out)

Pam had to leave this morning, so I'm bummed that I didn't get to see her for longer, but maybe I can get my act together at some point and get out to Flo-ri-da to visit again.

I got up this morning and set about getting my many errands done. I managed to buy a sunshade for the car, get the car inspected, took care of paying the Plano Police Dept for the opportunity to take defensive driving, dealt with Cingular, got myself a new pair of roller skates and, last, but not least, I got a manicure and pedicure. About time. The nails were a mess.

As a side note, I tried to return some mattress covers that I didn't use to STORAGEUSA. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. They told me that even though I had a receipt for something I had never used, they didn't take returns!!!!!!!!!!! (Please insert many dirty words here.)

Tomorrow I shall get up at the crack of dawn (7 or so) and put on my 4th of July outfit and rollerskate in the parade with Randy, balloon pilot extraordinaire, et al. It will be great exercise or early death. Could go either way.

I have 4 yearbooks I got about 2 weeks ago to critique, (been a little busy you know) so I also plan to critique a book a day and return them by the end of the week. Be sure to check in as the week goes by to see how I'm doin'!

I have no news on the house front. Drat these holiday weekends. I will be sure to update you as soon as I have some info.

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