Friday, July 14, 2006

A moment to reflect . . .

on the irony that maybe four people read this thing and all four of you talk to me regularly. Sigh.

Jon-David and I went to the McKinney court house to research Mechanic's Liens and how they work. Now I know just enough to be truly dangerous. I also have a humdinger of a headache. The yearbooks I've mentioned previously as needing to be critiqued and returned to NSPA headquarters STILL aren't done. Atleast I am down to the last one.

I finally got to talk to MaryBeth yesterday! We are going to finalize plans this weekend . . . woowee. Tuesday morning 10am.

I found an apartment yesterday right by school. It's actually the complex where Deborah lived before she got married. Walking distance from school and small enough to not need a bunch of furniture. I get to move in August 10th.

I don't actually have anything interesting to say, I just didn't want to be accused of failing to record my sad little miserable life.

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