Friday, July 21, 2006

If I could teach the Toykoians to dress . . .

It is an entire town running around waiting for the folks from What not to Wear to come and save them from their fashion faux pas. I'll keep adding to this one as I remember some of the more heinous errors.

1. The man working in the navy exchange in black leather pants should save those for evening wear.

2. Young girls should remember that ugly old lady sandles should only be worn by old women.

3. High heels should match the outfit with which they are paired. Seriously, I've never seen so many pairs of heels just thrown on with an outfit that doesn't go with the shoes.

4. Stick with jobs that have uniforms. The young lady below looks adorable. The uniform is her friend.

5. Smart girls take their heels off as they walk through the streets, only putting the heels on after arriving at the final destination.

When we went to the mall in Shimoto, I was fairly impressed. Girls dressed ok, they matched, it was good. Then we attended the festival. . . . So, as you can see, even in Japan there are problems with the "muffin top" little extra fat hanging out there sister. She also had a million tiny braids. You can not begin to imagine what it looks like to see all of these girls running around in high heels when most of them are very, very, very pidgeon toed. I'm not even certain of how they manage to walk. Some of them are practically tripping over their own feet. Not the greatest DNA chain in that respect. And remember that we are at a street festival, apparently they are all about that beauty knows no pain. They just appear to be color blind. Note the girl with the bright yellow top is wearing pink heels. The boys all dress like thugs, and my personal favorite purple top girl with long stockings. eek. I will say they have great school uniforms. If they would stick with those, they'd be ok.

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