Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The money comes and then it goes . . .

Finally, I closed at 3pm today! I no longer own a home. Weird. The money already has been wired to my account. It sat quietly for a mere moment, and then prepared to bid me adieu as I set it up to pay multiple credit cards off. heavy sigh goes here. Oh well, homeless and debt free. I suppose it could be worse.

I'd also like to add that Mom calls up and asks me to call her as soon as I get out of closing which I do. In fact, she is the only person I call. I get her voice mail . . . and she still hasn't called me back. humph.

I went to visit my friend Pam Colley for lunch. She is in the very odd predicament of needing to put more meet on her bones. I pointed out that eating Chicken Caesar salads without the dressing might be part of the problem. Not exactly stick to your bones kind of food, if you know what I mean.

Jon-David took Eva to the vet to get shots so that she could be groomed Monday. (I figure she'll be clean, pretty and with a big bow around her neck when I give her to Mom and Dad for babysitting duties!)

Tuesday night Jon-David and I met Ann and Mike at Celebration! for dinner. (I love the fact the restaurant demands excitement.) They move into an apartment Saturday to live for an indeterminate amount of time until they have a house built.

I have managed to miss MaryBeth's calls all week. Since she is teaching vacation Bible school, it is making it tricky. I can't stay awake late enough to be able to call and get her. However, now that my house is officially sold, I am going to start packing my bags in the morning! 6 more nights until I leave! In case you aren't certain, I am very excited.

I spoke to Kent (the new newspaper adviser) tonight. See, I can't call him by his name. He needs a nickname. I'll work on that. At any rate, he's been at newspaper workshop. Apparently one of the kids is already giving him a hard time. I'd like to wring the little twirp's neck. He goes back to Arkansas tomorrow and returns to Dallas the end of the month. He's decided to rent an apartment in Frisco. The boy has no idea of what he's in for regarding that commute. Yuck.

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