Thursday, July 27, 2006

Taking it easy

Hate to disappoint one and all, but today was a delightfully slow day. Total hanging out.

It started with a relaxing morning. MB worked out then I went and worked out. She woke up with a headache which we all know sucks. So she was popping meds most of the morning. I finally gave her one of my magic pills, and after lunch she laid down for a nap. I'm watching Shall We Dance. Brock and two of his friends sat down during the middle of it and are watching with me. They are very cute. There is a line in the movie "People get married because we need a witness to our lives. Some one who tells us that our life will not go unnoticed. " I would like all married people to weigh in on this. I am intriqued by the statement.

While watching, I also surfed the net. I looked up skirts. There is something wrong with the world when a website about short skirts is actually porn. Gives me the heebie jeebies.

After MB got up from her nap (still with a headache, makes my head hurt to think about it), we made a run to the BX and then had dinner on base. After that her friend Angel and her 2 boys came over and we all walked off base to the Tanabata Festival. It is all just off base on the main road. Japan has a lot of festivals in the summer. This is the first of 3 possible festivals in the area just this weekend.

First, pls check out the If I could teach them to dress entry. I've added! Basically it is vendors lined up on either side of the street. Live Music and these huge hanging decorations. These are some of the hanging things (I don't know what else to call them.) Brock is on the far left, Jonathan, Jacob and Grace. They hung about every 20 feet or so. I took the photo of the whale one for Pam C. They were all different. There were Disney ones, Soccer World Cup had one, and the last one on the street was an NBA one. On the way back toward the base, I stopped and got a shaved ice cone. It was probably 6 different colors. MaryBeth made me get my picture taken with the guy selling them. Not sure why but the Japanese always put their fingers up in the peace sign for pictures. It's supposed to mean smile. Don't know why they do that when they can just give the camera the real thing. Another thing to leave American's perplexed.

Normally I would not take photos of trashcans, but in Japan, these things are an anomoly. Apparently it is expensive to have trash disposed of properly. MaryBeth says that is why they are using the ocean as their personal trashcans. There aren't trashcans in public - ever. Very weird.

The squatty potties might be your first indication, but as you can see to the left. Japan is a nation of squatters. You just don't see that much in the states. They don't sit on the ground . . . they all squat above it. Lots of people come to the festivals in Kimonos (boys and girls). The little kids are darn cute in theirs. Grace has one, but she didn't wear it today.

P.S. I'm trying to figure out how to add the video clip I got of the ring toss and the Japanese rapper. So, come back to this one later.

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