Thursday, July 6, 2006

I'm getting an eye tick

I'm not kidding. I am cranky as hell and totally stressed out.

I've been exchanging calls with Ms. Nelson all day. The mortgage company is run by incompetents near as I can tell. She swears that she is trying to get them to at least tell us what the final appraisal is. They can't seem to figure out where it is. I spoke to the appraiser and got her to atleast tell me that she did respond to the mortgage company re: comps. By the way, the company of incompetents is Citimortgage. Run away from them.

In the meantime did I mention that Kent, soon to be newspaper adviser at HP, seems to be a wee bit worried about housing. Admittedly he has a desire to live in HP for a small amount of money adding a bit of difficulty to the search. So, I was unable to stop myself from saying sure I'll help you find an apartment. I just have to keep the boy from bailing on the job.

I ran errands all day yesterday. Looked at a couple of houses just to torture myself. Saw my friend Burgundy who happens to also do massage therapy. By yesterday afternoon many parts of my body were stiff and in pain, she was the girl for the job! Next time you find yourself in need give me a hollar. I'll give you her info. Then I headed over to pick up Mom and Dad from the airport at 6: something. Plane didn't arrive until after 9pm. Apparently some woman got herself booted off the plane, so they had to leave their spot in take-off line, return to the gate, wait for one to open and then dump said person off.

Sadly the stress reduction effects of the massage were decreasing expotentionally as I sat there contemplating the chaos that is my life.

Started critiquing yearbooks today. I enjoy getting to see what other schools are doing, but it is a total whipping. Takes forever and I'm about to run out of time for doing it. While I did that, Jon-David went over to my house and mowed. Thank you, thank you. In the meantime Dad had a hissy about the fact I had his dolly and his extension cord. The man is crazed about his dolly. Did I mention he found it on the side of the road somewhere? He didn't even buy it. But man does he fear losing it. The extension cord apparently has strange meaning for him too.

I missed a call from MaryBeth this afternoon, and now I am really ready to chew nails. Talked to Fran . . . I think she could chew nails too. Beware of the MDH . . . Moise, Dugas, Hereford. . . I think I've mentioned the line of women in my family before. . . Not to be messed with. . . especially when cranky.

P.S. This was submitted via email. Learned something new today. How bout that. Worked, but appears with the spacing all messed up. Grrrr.

Good news, MB called back : ) She just might be able to eat nails too.

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