Monday, July 17, 2006

My last night . . .

I had dinner with Mom and Dad. Dad cooked chicken on the grill. Super yum. Now we are watching The Closer. I have never seen this show before. She has a really bad Southern accent. Really bad. It hurts my ears.

I'm drinking Bloody Mary's and trying to figure out what I am forgetting. I ran around today getting errands done. I met up with Burgundy. She massaged the knots out of my back, so I can get all new ones on the plane. Then we went to Dicky's barbeque, and then we went shopping for antiques. (She bought 'em, not me.)

I finally got the yearbooks mailed that I critiqued. The box was practically falling apart, so I taped it together, said a little prayer and sent it on its way.
I picked up Eva from being groomed. She is absolutely adorable with a peach kerchief around her neck, smelling fresh and clean. I even got the car washed. I don't know how I'm going to sleep tonight, but considering when I get on the plane at 10am it will be 12am in Japan, that may be a good thing.


  1. WOW! Did I ever miss alot! Not having a phone or DSL screws up your "keeping in touch" intentions.

    Be safe in Japan. Have a great time. Cannot believe you found an apt. by school! Did you also find one for Kent? (aka Clueless? or Clark? is he Superman variety? maybe KooKoo Kent?) I still love that he was looking for 2 bed/bath for $900 in PC. But maybe his industrious little colleague Elizabette found him one!

  2. No, Kent decided they would live in Frisco. I chose not to tell him about the commute!