Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sunday in Misawa

Another lazy day in the Vaughn household. We attended the 11:00am church service "Contemporary". I realize different styles suit different people, but drums and guitars always takes me by surprise in church. The gang went to the bowling alley after lunch. I wisely sat and cheered others on. I think the last time I bowled I let loose of the ball a little early throwing everyone behind me in danger. We met up with their friends Carol and Tim and Jen and Dave.

We stood outside for a little bit talking to Janet and watching children run amok. (Have you noticed that is a common theme?) A short time later, we were heading out to kiddy disco. I would show photos but they move too quickly to catch on film. Although quite loud and full of children, it wasn't too bad because we were able to sit at a table talking.

And now, the quiet part of the day, as Grace and Brock get ready for bed, and we sit watching High Fidelity. I love this movie, it's non-stop top five lists. Top 5 most embarrassing moments, top 5 songs to make out to. . .

Have I mentioned that I am also reading The World is Flat by Thomas L. Friedman? I would like to suggest it to everyone. I have to have it read by the time I get to school because one of my inservice sessions is about it. It is an amazing book.

In the end, I am sorry. No pictures today.

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  1. I am enjoying your travel log sooo much! Mary Beth and Mike are the hosts with the mosts! You have seen and done so much cool stuff.. green with envy here.
    Keep up the wonderful reports.