Saturday, January 17, 2009


So my friend, Daisy, and I were laughing our asses off last night (as I waited for the date to show) about the idea of creating a Twitter account to post as my evenings progress. . . right before . . .run to the bathroom . . . when he goes to the bathroom . . . under the table when he's not looking . . . I mean if my social life is going to become fodder for friends and family to consider how fabulous their lives are as they do NOT go out into the dating world throwing themselves out there like a fat kid into a swimming pool . . . then maybe I have an obligation to keep everyone updated moment to moment . . . HA forget it.

Meeting friends in a wee bit at Dave and Busters . . . maybe my hunka hunka burning love is waiting for me there . . . may have to brush my teeth ; )

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